Unlocking the Power of the Dead Cells Mirror: Strategies, Benefits, and More

dead cells mirror


Roguelike Metroidvania game Dead Cells is renowned for its difficult gameplay and constantly changing levels. The “Dead Cells Mirror” is one of the game’s most fascinating elements. We’ll go into great detail about the Dead Cells Mirror in this post including what it is how to utilize it and all of the advantages it provides to gamers.

What is Dead Cells Mirror?

The Mirror of Reflection or Dead Cells Mirror is an in-game object that has a big impact on how you play the game. In addition to being a visual spectacle this magical mirror is also a potent weapon that may influence the course of events in the perilous world of Dead Cells.

How to use Dead Cells Mirror

Understanding the Dead Cells Mirror’s workings is necessary for accessing its full capabilities. Players can interact with the mirror to change a variety of gaming options.

The mirror provides a broad range of choices to customize your Dead Cells experience from changing the difficulty to improving your character’s powers.

How to use Dead Cells Mirror

Benefits of using Dead Cells Mirror

The Dead Cells Mirror is not simply a pretty decoration. It offers players a number of significant benefits including increased power improved survival, and the ability to precisely control the game’s complexity.

We’ll go over these advantages in more detail and show you how they may assist you in overcoming Dead Cells’ many difficulties.

What’s the Point of the Mirror in Dead Cells?

Dead Cells’ Hunter’s Mirror is a special and mysterious tool that significantly improves your gameplay experience. In simple terms, the mirror serves as a portal to another reality within the game that offers a variety of advantages and difficulties.

The mirror’s main objective is to provide gamers with a chance to put their talents to the test and receive prizes. It gives you entrance to the Hunter’s Forge a unique location where you may improve your tools and weapons. You must go through the game and get to the Cavern biome in order to unlock this mirror.

For further exploration of Dead Cells’ intricate map and tips on navigating its challenging terrain check out our detailed walkthrough: Walkthrough: Exploring the Intricate Dead Cells Map.

The Hunter’s Mirror’s Function

Let’s examine the functionality of the Hunter’s Mirror in more detail now. The mirror transfers you to the Hunter’s Forge when you interact with it. You may upgrade your weapons here by using cells and gold and you can even find new item blueprints here.

Here’s what you can expect from the Hunter’s Forge:

  1. Upgrade Weapons: At the Hunter’s Forge, you can invest cells and gold to upgrade your weapons. This means enhancing your damage output and increasing your chances of survival in the treacherous world of Dead Cells.
  2. Unlock Blueprints: The mirror also provides an opportunity to unlock new blueprints for items. This is crucial for expanding your arsenal and discovering new strategies to conquer the game’s challenges.
  3. Choose Mutations: In addition to upgrading weapons, you can invest cells to unlock and upgrade mutations. Mutations play a vital role in your character’s development allowing you to customize your playstyle and adapt to different situations.
  4. Reforge Attributes: The Hunter’s Forge also offers the option to reforge attributes on your equipment providing a chance to improve your gear’s quality and effectiveness.
The Hunter's Mirror's Function

How to Get the Hunter’s Mirror in Dead Cells

Unlocking the Hunter’s Mirror is an essential milestone for any Dead Cells player looking to advance in the game.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to obtain the mirror:

  1. Progress through the Game: You cannot access the Hunter’s Mirror right from the start. To reach it you need to progress through the game’s biomes. Keep pushing forward defeating enemies, and collecting cells.
  2. Reach the Cavern: The Hunter’s Mirror is located in the Cavern biome. You’ll need to make your way through other biomes like the Prisoners’ Quarters Promenade of the Condemned, and the Toxic Sewers to reach this point.
  3. Interact with the Mirror: Once you’ve reached the Cavern biome keep an eye out for the Hunter’s Mirror. It’s typically found near the beginning of the Cavern area. Approach the mirror and interact with it to access the Hunter’s Forge.
  4. Collect Cells: To make the most of the Hunter’s Forge you’ll need cells. Collect cells by defeating enemies, and remember to deposit them in the Hunter’s Forge to unlock upgrades and blueprints.
  5. Upgrade and Explore: Now that you have access to the mirror and the Hunter’s Forg take your time to upgrade your weapons unlock new blueprints, and experiment with mutations to tailor your gameplay to your preferences.
How to Get the Hunter's Mirror in Dead Cells

Strategies for using Dead Cells Mirror

To maximize the benefits of the Dead Cells Mirror you need to develop effective strategies.

Here are some ways to make the most of this game-changing item:

  • Using the mirror to farm items: The mirror allows you to reroll item affixes, providing an excellent opportunity to customize your build. Learn how to use this feature to your advantage ensuring you have the best gear to conquer the game’s challenges.
  • Using the mirror to cheese bosses: Boss battles in Dead Cells can be incredibly challenging. We’ll reveal how you can use the mirror to gain an edge in these encounters potentially turning the tables in your favor.
  • Using the mirror to explore new areas: Unlock secret pathways and hidden areas using the Dead Cells Mirror. We’ll share tips on how to navigate Dead Cells’ intricate map and uncover hidden treasures.


The Dead Cells Mirror has a purpose in the game beyond being purely ornamental. It’s a flexible tool that may greatly improve your Dead Cells gameplay. The mirror can help you refine your character defeat difficult bosses or uncover secret information.