The Backstory of Hank in Detroit: Become Human


Detroit: Become Human, a captivating interactive video game developed by Quantic Dream, has captured the hearts of players worldwide with its gripping narrative and thought-provoking themes.

Lieutenant Hank Anderson, a tough and complex police officer who plays an important role in the story, is one of the game’s known characters. In this article, we’ll Know Hank in Detroit: Become Human Delve into the fascinating backstory of Hank, exploring his motivations, relationships, and the impact he has on the game’s overall narrative.

Hank in Detroit: Become Human

The Enigmatic Detective

Hank Anderson is introduced as an experienced Detroit Police Department officer. He’s been charged with looking into situations involving abnormal androids, which are growing more common in the game’s futuristic world.

Hank’s demeanor is initially gruff, and he is depicted as a damaged individual fighting with inner problems. As they progress through the game, players slowly uncover the facets of Hank’s past that contribute to his complicated personality.

Hank in Detroit: Become Human

An enigmatic detective is a complex and fascinating individual who usually solves mysteries or investigates difficult situations. This character’s enigmatic nature stems from a combination of their personality, manner, and personal background.

Players gradually uncover the layers of Hank’s psyche as they participate in the game’s plot, gaining insight into the reasons and emotions that drive him.

Hank’s enigmatic personality gives dimension to his character, making him a central and interesting protagonist in the storyline of the game. The title “The Enigmatic Detective” emphasizes the game’s complexity and mystery surrounding Hank’s character.

A Tragic Loss

One of the defining moments in Hank’s backstory is the tragic loss of his son, Cole. This loss haunts Hank throughout the game, causing poor relationships with coworkers and a general disappointment with the society around him. Many of Hank’s actions and decisions in the game are motivated by this deep emotional pain.

A Tragic Loss

Tensions with Androids

Hank’s investigations into aberrant androids lead him to a world loaded with moral confusion. He’s divided regarding androids, who appear as intelligent people with their ambitions and problems, and his duty to enforce the law.

This internal conflict becomes a recurring subject in the game, resulting in memorable exchanges with the player-controlled character, Connor, an android investigator.

The Dynamic with Connor

The dynamic between Hank and Connor in “Detroit: Become Human” is an important and engaging part of the story. It centers around the developing friendship between these two individuals, with the player frequently actively determining the nature of their interactions.

Here’s a more detailed explanation:

Hank Anderson is a seasoned and more doubtful police lieutenant, while Connor is an intelligent android created to aid in investigations, particularly those involving aberrant androids. Hank is initially suspicious of Connor due to his artificial appearance at the start of the game.

Given his problems and experiences, he is skeptical that a robot is capable of understanding human emotions. Ultimately, the evolving dynamic with Connor adds a layer of emotional depth to the game.

Depending on the player’s choices, the dynamic between Hank and Connor can evolve over the course of the game. A positive dynamic can lead to a deep and meaningful friendship, with Hank coming to appreciate Connor’s unique qualities. In contrast, a negative dynamic may result in continued distrust and friction between the characters.

It highlights the potential for change and growth in both characters and explores the complexities of trust, prejudice, and the potential for genuine connections to form across seemingly insurmountable barriers.

The Dynamic with Connor

Initial Distrust

Hank is distrustful of Connor at the start of the game owing to his robotic nature. This doubt originates from his encounters with androids as well as his distrust of technology.

Hank and Connor’s encounters are fraught with tension, with Hank constantly expressing his worries about an android’s ability to really grasp human emotions.

The Evolution of Friendship

Players can alter the dynamic between Hank and Connor as the game proceeds. Players may develop confidence, compassion, and even friendship between the two characters by making certain decisions.

These conversations expose Hank’s character depth and demonstrate his capacity for growth and change. Throughout the game, players can approach Hank in a variety of ways.

The Dynamic with Connor

They can take a more compassionate and compassionate approach, demonstrating to Hank that Connor is capable of genuine concern and emotional understanding. Players, on the other hand, can retain more cool and professional conduct, which may confirm Hank’s original doubts about androids.


Hank’s backstory and his interactions with other characters, especially Connor, contribute significantly to the emotional impact of Detroit: Become Human.

His journey from a troubled and emotionally scarred detective to a character capable of forming meaningful connections adds layers of complexity to the game’s narrative. As players explore the game, they gain a deeper understanding of Hank’s motivations and the significance of his actions.


Is Hank a playable character in Detroit: Become Human?

No, Hank is not a playable character, but his interactions with the player-controlled characters, especially Connor, are a central part of the game’s story.

How does Hank’s relationship with Connor impact the game’s outcome?

The nature of Hank and Connor’s relationship can significantly influence the game’s ending and the fate of various characters.

Does the game explore the ethical implications of androids in society?

Yes, Detroit: Become Human delves deeply into the ethical questions surrounding artificial intelligence, android rights, and the consequences of technological advancement.

Can players change the course of Hank’s story?

While the broad strokes of Hank’s backstory remain consistent, player choices can impact the depth of the relationship between Hank and other characters, shaping the emotional resonance of the narrative.

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