How to Throw a Grenade in Fallout 4: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Throw a Grenade in Fallout 4

In Fallout 4, grenades may be a game-changer by providing a potent arsenal to deal with challenging enemies and challenging circumstances. We’ll explore the ins and outs of tossing grenades in Fallout 4 in this simple guide.

These professional pointers will have you throwing grenades like a pro whether you’re a first-time survivor or an experienced wasteland traveler. In this article, we will see How to Throw a Grenade in Fallout 4 what is the purpose, and a step-by-step guide.

Mastering the Throw: Mechanics and Techniques:

Learn the basics of throwing grenades with finesse:

  • Equipping: Assign grenades to quick slots via your Pip-Boy.
  • Aiming: Use sights and scopes for accurate targeting.
  • Arcing: Hold the grenade button (default: G) to see the throwing arc.
  • Precision: Adjust arc trajectory to hit targets directly or bounce off surfaces.

Advanced Strategies for Effective Throws:

Elevate your grenade-throwing game with these tips:

  • Cooking Grenades: Time your throws to surprise enemies and minimize their reaction time.
  • Bouncing Tactics: Bounce grenades off walls to hit enemies in cover or around corners.
  • Cluster Control: Disrupt groups by throwing grenades in their midst.
  • Environmental Effects: Molotov cocktails ignite fires, causing lingering damage.
  • VATS Advantage: Use VATS to target enemies precisely, especially for tricky throws.

How Do You Throw a Hand Grenade in Fallout 4?

Grenade throwing in Fallout 4 is a skill that requires precision and strategy. To throw a hand grenade:

  1. Open your Pip-Boy and navigate to your inventory.
  2. Equip the hand grenade you want to use.
  3. Aim your weapon to line up the throw.
  4. Press and hold the designated grenade button (usually ‘G’) to display the throwing arc.
  5. Adjust the arc by aiming higher or lower to target your desired location.
  6. Release the button to throw the grenade, and watch it explode with destructive force.
How Do You Throw a Hand Grenade in Fallout 4

What Purpose Does Fallout 4’s Grenade Use Play?

You will find yourself performing a variety of activities as you travel over the views of the Fallout 4 open world. You will form alliances with various groups, and you can later find yourself at odds with the group you offended by doing so.

You may be ambushed by these groups, or you could attack their bases. All of this implies that you will be engaged in conflict with enemies all the time.

Your adversaries could hide behind a cover throughout these battles, making them difficult to identify and subsequently kill.

As a result, in certain situations, the grenade becomes a useful weapon. When your rivals are hidden, you toss one of these nasty boys their way.

How Do You Throw Things in Fallout 4?

While the primary focus of this guide is grenade throwing, you can also throw other items in Fallout 4. To throw objects like weapons or junk items:

  1. Open your Pip-Boy and navigate to your inventory.
  2. Select the item you want to throw.
  3. Aim using your sights or scopes.
  4. Use the designated throw button (often ‘R’) to launch the object towards your target.
How Do You Throw Things in Fallout 4

Can I Use Grenades While in VATS Mode?

In VATS mode, you may throw grenades. To do so, keep down the melee button (Right Bumper on Xbox, R1 on PlayStation, ALT on PC) until you hear the click sound that indicates the grenade has been primed.

While keeping the melee button pressed, hit the VATS button to enter the VATS setting, aim the region you want or adversary, and confirm the operation.

How Do You Throw Grenades on PC?

On a PC platform, throwing grenades in Fallout 4 is straightforward:

  1. Ensure you have equipped the grenade you wish to throw.
  2. Aim your weapon at the desired target.
  3. Hold the ‘G’ key to display the grenade’s throwing arc.
  4. Adjust the trajectory using your mouse.
  5. Release ‘G’ to release the grenade and let the explosive magic unfold.

How Do You Throw Throwables in Fallout?

In Fallout 4, grenades and throwable items can be launched using similar mechanics:

  1. Access your inventory via the Pip-Boy.
  2. Equip the throwable item you intend to use.
  3. Aim your weapon or view down the sights for accuracy.
  4. Activate the designated throw button to initiate the toss.
How Do You Throw Throwables in Fallout

What Button Do You Press to Throw Grenades?

The button for throwing grenades in Fallout 4 varies depending on your gaming platform:

  • On PC, it’s typically the ‘G’ key.
  • On consoles like Xbox, use the left bumper.
  • On PlayStation, press the L1 button to toss grenades.

How Do I Use Grenades?

Grenades in Fallout 4 can be game-changing if used effectively. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of using grenades:

  1. Equip: Open your Pip-Boy and assign grenades to your quick slots.
  2. Aim: Line up your shot using sights or scopes.
  3. Arcing: Hold the grenade button (‘G’ for PC) to see the arc trajectory.
  4. Adjust: Modify the arc by aiming higher or lower.
  5. Release: Let go of the button to throw the grenade.

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How Do I Use Grenades

How Do You Not Throw Grenades in Fallout 4?

Accidental grenade throws can be disastrous. To avoid this:

  1. Disarm: Remove grenades from your quick slots when not in use.
  2. Store: Keep grenades in a separate container within your inventory.

How Do You Throw a Grenade with a Controller?

  1. Equip: Assign grenades to your quick slots via the Pip-Boy.
  2. Aim: Use the left trigger to aim.
  3. Arcing: Hold the grenade button (left bumper for Xbox, L1 for PlayStation).
  4. Adjust: Tweak the arc trajectory using the thumbsticks.
  5. Release: Release the button to launch the grenade.

How Do You Throw Grenades in Fallout 3?

In Fallout 3, throwing grenades follows a similar process:

  1. Access Inventory: Open your Pip-Boy and select the grenade.
  2. Equip: Assign the grenade to a quick slot.
  3. Aim: Line up your shot.
  4. Throw: Use the designated button to throw the grenade.


The ability to throw grenades accurately and skillfully may change the direction of even the most disastrous encounters in Fallout 4’s apocalyptic universe. You are now prepared to negotiate all aspects of grenade tossing thanks to this thorough manual.

Keep in mind that every well-placed toss will put you one step closer to triumph as you go across the Commonwealth.


How do I aim accurately with grenades?

Use sights or scopes to aim precisely and adjust the arc trajectory for better accuracy.

Can I damage myself with a badly thrown grenade?

Yes, be cautious of your surroundings as grenades can harm you if thrown too close.

What happens if I run out of grenades?

You’ll need to find or purchase more grenades. Stock up before crucial battles.

Can I retrieve and reuse thrown grenades?

Unfortunately, no. Thrown grenades cannot be picked up or reused.