Guide: How to set up supply lines in Fallout 4

How to set up supply lines in Fallout 4

Are you struggling to manage How to set up supply lines in Fallout 4? Fret not! In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of setting up supply lines, ensuring that your settlements thrive and prosper in the post-apocalyptic wasteland.


In the harsh world of Fallout 4, survival depends on resource management. Setting up supply lines is a pivotal aspect that often goes overlooked. This guide will show you how to efficiently establish and manage supply lines between your settlements.

Understanding Supply Lines

Supply lines connect communities and allow resources to be shared among them. This means that necessary things such as food, water, and crafting supplies can be carried from one town to another, allowing them to expand and sustain themselves.

Consider the possibility of several villages distributed over the wasteland, each providing its resources.

Without supply connections, each settlement works independently, which might result in resource scarcity in one settlement while an abundance in another.

This can be difficult, especially if you require a steady flow of resources to sustain and upgrade your towns.

How to set up supply lines in Fallout 4

The Importance of Supply Lines

A successful settlement network depends on its supply lines. They prevent shortages, provide equitable resource distribution, and allow settlements to support one another.

Settlements may struggle to grow and become exposed to dangers if supply connections are inefficient.

Consider each of your colonies to be a small population attempting to live in a harsh post-apocalyptic landscape.

These communities would operate in isolation without supply links, resulting in shortages, inefficiency, and vulnerability to threats.

Your settlements, on the other hand, can help one another through well-established supply lines, forming a network of resource-sharing that considerably boosts their chances of growth.

Requirements for Supply Lines

Certain conditions must be followed in order to create supply lines in Fallout 4. These conditions are necessary for allowing resource sharing across your settlements, providing an ongoing supply of critical things like food, water, and crafting supplies. How to set up supply lines Fallout 4 This is the following are the primary requirements:

  1. Local Leader Perk: At least one rank in the “Local Leader” perk is required. The Charisma attribute tree contains this bonus. This perk allows you to give settlers supply routes and is a need for building supply lines.
  2. Settlement recruiting Beacon: You must construct a recruiting beacon in order to attract settlers to your colonies. This device emits a signal that attracts new settlers to your towns, which is required for the construction of a viable supply line network.
  3. Populated Settlements: Your settlements should have a sufficient number of settlers to appoint as provisioners. Provisioners are settlers who travel between villages along supply lines carrying shared resources. The greater the number of settlers, the more wide and effective your supply line network can be.
Requirements for Supply Lines

Choosing the Local Leader Perk

Invest in the Local Leader perk to establish supply lines. This perk allows you to set up settlers to supply lines and construct stores, both of which are necessary for establishing a prosperous settlement network.

Selecting Provisioners

Provisioners are settlers who work on supply lines. They move between villages, transporting resources and guaranteeing a continuous supply of requirements. When assigning a provisioner, provide them with the necessary equipment to increase their survival.

Establishing Supply Routes

To create a supply line, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Workshop in the settlement.
  2. Select a settler and choose the “Supply Line” option.
  3. Choose the destination settlement from the list.

Managing Resources

Food, water, and crafting materials are automatically shared by supply lines. To gain access to shared resources, go to the Workshop in any connected village, even if they are physically located in another settlement.

Benefits of Efficient Supply Lines

Efficient supply lines in Fallout 4 offer several essential benefits that can significantly impact your settlements’ success and survival in the post-apocalyptic wasteland. Here’s a breakdown of these benefits:

  1. Resource Accessibility: With efficient supply lines, resources are shared between connected settlements. This means that vital items like food, water, and crafting materials can be accessed from multiple locations, reducing scarcity and ensuring a steady supply.
  2. Building Materials: Crafting materials, an essential aspect of settlement development, become more accessible with efficient supply lines. These materials are essential for constructing new structures, improving defenses, and upgrading existing buildings.
  3. Food and Water Security: In the harsh environment of Fallout 4, ensuring a stable source of food and clean water is vital for your settlers’ well-being. Efficient supply lines enable settlements to share surplus food and water with those in need.
Benefits of Efficient Supply Lines

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Troubleshooting common problems in the context of setting up supply lines in Fallout 4 involves identifying and fixing issues that may develop while establishing and managing these links between settlements.

These issues may hinder the free movement of resources between your settlements, which is critical for their growth and overall stability.

Here’s a more detailed explanation of the troubleshooting steps:

  1. Check Provisioner Routes: A common issue is that your provisioners, the settlers you’ve allocated to supply lines, may not be following their designated routes. As a result, resources may not be shared as intended. To resolve this issue, locate the provider in the community where you initially assigned them and see if they are moving between the related communities. If not, reassign them to the supply line, which normally addresses the routing issue.
  2. Resource positioning: Another factor that can affect the efficiency of your supply lines is the positioning of resource-producing structures in your communities, such as crops and water pumps. If these constructions are not properly located, or if there aren’t enough settlers available to work on them, the supply line may fail to distribute the desired resources. To fix this, make sure your colonies have enough residents to control resource production and that the structures are in good functioning order. You can also try rearranging these structures to maximize their output and ensure resource sharing.

Security along Supply Routes

In Fallout 4, security along supply lines is important to guaranteeing the safe passage of your provisioners and the safety of your resources as they travel between connected settlements.

Your supply lines may be threatened by hostile creatures, raiders, or other perils in the wasteland if suitable security measures are not implemented. Implementing security measures can assist mitigate these threats and assure your supply network’s success.

Security along Supply Routes

Advanced Supply Line Strategies

Advanced supply line techniques are tactics and approaches in Fallout 4 that go beyond the basic establishment of supply lines.

These strategies are designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your supply network, ensuring that resources flow smoothly, settlements thrive, and your prospects of survival in the wasteland improve.

Here are some advanced supply line strategies:

  1. Strategic Provisioners: Instead of assigning any available settler as a provisioner, you can choose settlers with combat skills strategically. Provide strong weapons, armor, and even healing goods to these providers.
  2. Centralized Depositories: A specific settlement is designated as a resource hub or depository. This central hub serves as a storage and distribution facility, receiving materials via supply lines from numerous villages. By centralizing resources, you may quickly manage and distribute them as needed.
  3. Supply Line Expansion: Consider increasing your supply line network as your settlements grow and new places are built. To improve resource sharing, connect new settlements to the existing network. This expansion aids in the stabilization of your settlements, guarantees a consistent flow of essential resources, and improves your overall presence in the wasteland.

Modifying and Removing Supply Routes

Modifying and eliminating supply lines in Fallout 4 entails altering the links between settlements, specifically the routes that provisioners use to transfer resources.

This procedure is important if you need to modify your settlement network, change the direction a provisioner takes, or altogether halt a supply route.

Here’s a step-by-step explanation:

Modifying Supply Routes:

  1. Access the Workshop: Go to the settlement where you initially set up the supply route you want to modify.
  2. Find the Provisioner: Look for the settler you assigned as a provisioner for that specific supply line. Provisioners are the individuals who travel between connected settlements, carrying resources.
  3. Modify the Route: Interact with the provisioner and select the option that allows you to modify the supply line.
  4. Choose a New Destination: You’ll have the option to select a different destination settlement for this provisioner. Pick the new settlement you want the provisioner to supply.
  5. Confirm Changes: Confirm the modification, and the provisioner will now travel the new route, transporting resources between the updated settlements.
Modifying and Removing Supply Routes

Removing Supply Routes:

  1. Access the Workshop: Visit the settlement where the supply route you want to remove was initially established.
  2. Find the Provisioner: Locate the settler assigned as a provisioner for the specific supply line you wish to remove.
  3. Stop the Supply Line: Interact with the provisioner and select the option to stop or remove the supply line.
  4. Confirm Removal: Confirm your decision and the supply route will be discontinued. The provisioner will no longer transport resources between the settlements connected by that particular supply line.


In the unforgiving world of Fallout 4, establishing efficient supply lines is a game-changer. By following this guide, you can ensure that your settlements prosper, resources flow smoothly, and your chances of survival increase.


Can I establish supply lines between all settlements?

Yes, you can connect any settlement to another, creating a vast network.

Do supply lines share ammunition and medical supplies?

No, supply lines only share crafting materials, food, water, and junk items.

What happens if a provisioner is attacked and killed?

Their assigned route becomes inactive until you assign a new provider.

Can I set up a supply line without the Local Leader perk?

No, the Local Leader perk is a requirement for creating supply lines.

How can I keep track of my supply routes?

You can follow provisioners along their routes or use mods that provide route-tracking functionality.

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