How to Get Trading Tokens in Clash Royale – 2023 Guide

How to Get Trading Tokens in Clash Royale


You’ve probably heard of trade tokens if you’re a Clash Royale fan. These desired objects may hold the secret to gaining the cards required to advance in your game.

In this tutorial, we’ll look into the world of trade tokens in Clash Royale and learn what they are, How to Get Trading Tokens in Clash Royale, and how to obtain them.

What Are Trade Tokens in Clash Royale?

You may trade cards with other players in Clash Royale by using trade tokens, which are valuable resources. Both Common Trade Tokens and Rare Trade Tokens are available.

While Rare Trade Tokens are only used for trading epic and legendary cards, Common Trade Tokens may be used to trade both common and rare cards. To develop strong decks and diversify your card collection, you must have these tokens.

What Are Trade Tokens in Clash Royale?

How Do Trade Tokens Work?

Players can trade cards with one another using trade tokens in the smartphone game Clash Royale. Both Common Trade Tokens and Rare Trade Tokens are available in this set.

Cards of the Common and Rare rarities can be traded using Common Trade Tokens while cards of the Epic and Legendary rarities can be traded using Rare Trade Tokens.

A player must first get a trade token via a challenge or a clan war chest before they can utilize it. Then they can give one of their own cards as payment and make a particular request for a card they want to trade.

Both players obtain their requested cards if the trade is accepted by a different member of their clan.

Trade tokens are a great way for players to obtain the cards they need to complete their decks and to get rid of cards they don’t want. They also encourage cooperation and communication between clan members.

Who Can Use Trade Tokens?

Trade tokens are available to all Clash Royale players. However, there are a few prerequisites for using them effectively:

  1. Joining a Clan: You must be part of a clan to trade cards with your clanmates. If you’re not in a clan yet consider joining one to access this feature.
  2. Friend System: To trade with friends, you need to be connected in-game. Ensure that you’ve added your friends to your Clash Royale friend list.

How to Get Trade Tokens

1. Play Battles and Earn Chests

One of the main methods for obtaining trade tokens is via participating in fights. As you succeed in battle you’ll earn gifts like chests.

Trade tokens may be found in some chests such as Clan War chests and special event chests. Continue to fight and you could just strike it fortunate!

2. Complete Quests

Daily and unique event missions provide a steady supply of trade tokens. These tasks regularly award token prizes in addition to other useful supplies. To continuously accumulate tokens make it a habit to accomplish your objectives.

How to Get Trade Tokens

3. Play Party Battles

The best method to play Clash Royale with friends and clan members is through party fights. They’re not only fun, but they also provide you the opportunity to win trade tokens as rewards. Work together with others to frequently engage in party fights.

4. Participate in Clan Wars

Active clan involvement may result in significant token awards, especially if your clan performs well. Clan battles is a goldmine for trade tokens. Don’t miss the opportunity to contribute to your clan’s success in battles.

5. Purchase Trade Tokens from the Shop

The in-game shop frequently sells trade tokens for Gems or actual money for players who wish to advance faster. Even though taking this path is optional it might be a speedy method to obtain the tokens you require.

Tips for Getting Trade Tokens

1. Focus on Playing Battles and Completing Quests

Battles and missions, as was already established are reliable suppliers of trade tokens. Spend time on both game modes to increase your token profits.

2. Join an Active Clan That Participates in Clan Wars

The key to getting trade tokens is to be a member of an active clan. Clans that are active often win Clan Wars, giving their members larger token awards. Consider joining a more active clan if your present one isn’t very active.

3. Be Patient and Persistent

It could take some time to gather trade tokens, especially if you’re going for certain card swaps. If you are diligent and patient in your search for tokens, you will eventually amass a priceless collection.

Tips for Getting Trade Tokens

Throughout Clash Royale, you may trade with the Trader

One of the most exciting features in Clash Royale in 2023 is the Trader. The Trader is a mysterious character who appears in your game every Sunday. He offers a range of unique deals including trading tokens.

Here’s how to make the most of this opportunity:

  1. Visit the Trader Every Sunday: Establish a routine of checking the game every Sunday. Because the Trader continually changes his stock, you never know when he will have trading tokens available. By pressing the Trader’s emblem on the home screen, you may locate him.
  2. Exchange Gold for Tokens: Trading tokens are frequently offered by the trader in return for gold. Keep a sizable gold supply on hand so you can benefit from these offers. For those difficult-to-find card exchanges, trading tokens obtained from the Trader are necessary.
  3. Complete Trader Challenges: The Trader will occasionally ask you to perform particular activities in order to receive trade tokens as payment. Prepare yourself for a variety of in-game activities because these challenges might range in severity.

How to Get Trading Tokens in Clash Royale for Free

Method 1: Clan Wars Rewards

Participating regularly in Clan Wars is one of the most dependable strategies to obtain trading tokens for nothing in Clash Royale in 2023. As long as your clan performs well, these conflicts continue to be a reliable supply of tokens. The bigger your portion of the awards, the better your clan’s performance was. you gain from token trading, make sure you give Clan Wars your best effort.

Method 2: Special Events

Supercell often plans unique challenges and events for Clash Royale. These events are a great way to expand your token collection because they frequently give trade tokens out as prizes. Keep an eye on the in-game events calendar and take advantage of these brief challenges whenever they appear to collect tokens and other tempting rewards.

How to Get Trading Tokens in Clash Royale for Free

Method 3: Trophy Road Rewards

In Clash Royale, ascending the Trophy Road has always been worthwhile, and this is still true in 2023. Higher trophy milestones will allow you to earn additional incentives, such as trade tokens. To obtain these tokens and other priceless resources, concentrate on developing your abilities and moving up the Trophy Road.

Method 4: Completing Quests

Another reliable source of free trade tokens is quests. Watch out for your daily and special event missions since tokens are frequently offered as prizes. By completing these tasks, you can receive tokens on a regular basis, allowing you to gradually increase your collection.


In Clash Royale, trade tokens are essential to card trading, and this is still true in 2023. You may gather these tokens and open the possibility to improve your card collection by actively taking part in fights, doing missions, participating in clan conflicts, and periodically browsing the in-game shop.

Keep in mind that establishing relationships with other players and joining an active clan may greatly increase your token earnings. So go forth, engage in combat with your fellow players, and may your Clash Royale trade token collection prosper as you advance through the ranks!