How to get Cloudstrike Destiny 2

How to get Cloudstrike Destiny 2


The huge collection of unique weapons in Bungie’s popular first-person shooter game Destiny 2 is highly regarded by players all over the world. and many player are fan of cloudatrike so we will discuss about How to get Cloudstrike Destiny 2 in 2023.

One such treasure is the amazing sniper weapon Cloudstrike, which has won the hearts of Guardians all around the world. In order to learn how to get Cloudstrike we’ll go deep into the world of Destiny 2.

In this article, Regardless of your level of experience or whether you’re a brand-new Guardian this book will arm you with the information and tactics needed to claim this unusual weapon as your own.

Understanding Cloudstrike

Understanding the significance of this rare sniper rifle in Destiny 2 is essential before starting the hunt for Cloudstrike. Because of its excellent qualities Cloudstrike is a highly sought-after weapon in both PvE and PvP game types.

Perks and Advantages of Cloudstrike

Many Guardians choose Cloudstrike over other options because of its advantages. Its special inherent perk “Stormbringer” permits lightning bolts to be produced by quick hits and accurate shots and chains to neighboring targets.

This function is a favorite for crowd control because it is especially effective in circumstances where enemies are grouped together.

One of the best sniper rifles in Destiny 2 for PvE Cloudstrike’s capacity to effectively dispatch waves of foes and do significant damage to bosses has earned it a reputation as such.

It is a versatile option in PvP because of its efficiency in removing enemies in The Crucible and high-value targets in Gambit.

How to get Cloudstrike Destiny 2

How to get Cloudstrike Destiny 2 in 2023?

To obtain Cloudstrike, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the Beyond Light Campaign: First, ensure you have the Beyond Light expansion installed and complete the campaign. This is a prerequisite for accessing the Europa destination, where Cloudstrike can be acquired.
  2. Patrol Europa: Once the campaign is finished, head to Europa and start patrolling the zone. You’ll want to explore the region and take on various activities to increase your chances of obtaining Cloudstrike.
  3. Empire Hunts: Engage in Empire Hunts, which are special missions that can drop Cloudstrike. They are accessible via Variks, the NPC located in Charon’s Crossing on Europa. Empire Hunts offer a higher chance of obtaining Cloudstrike.
  4. Nightfall: The Ordeal – Legend or Master Difficulty: The Nightfall: The Ordeal activity, particularly on Legend or Master difficulty, is another reliable source of Cloudstrike. Higher difficulty levels increase your odds of obtaining this coveted sniper rifle.

How rare is it to get Cloudstrike?

In Destiny 2, cloudstrike is seen as a somewhat uncommon drop. The decline rate fluctuates, though, based on the activities you do. Higher difficulty versions of Empire Hunts and Nightfall: The Ordeal offer better drop rates than standard patrols on Europa.

How many runs until Cloudstrike?

The number of runs required to obtain Cloudstrike can vary greatly due to RNG (Random Number Generator). Some players may be lucky and get it on their first try, while others may need to complete multiple activities or runs before seeing Cloudstrike drop. It’s important to be patient and persistent in your efforts.

Preparing for the Hunt of Cloudstrike

It’s crucial to thoroughly prepare before beginning the Cloudstrike quest. Leveling up and obtaining the required DLCs or expansions are two important topics that are covered in this chapter.

Leveling Up

You’ll need a leveled Guardian and the appropriate gear to overcome the obstacles in your path to obtaining Cloudstrike.

You can increase your power level by adopting effective leveling strategies including concentrating on powerful gear drops taking part in weekly rituals and finishing in-game tasks.

Preparing for the Hunt of Cloudstrike

Necessary DLCs

Make sure you have the required DLCs or expansions installed in order to access the section where Cloudstrike can be acquired. Check if the Beyond Light expansion is necessary as of 2023 because here is where Cloudstrike’s related operations are loc

The Empire Hunt – The Warrior

The main Cloudstrike-related activity is The Empire Hunt – The Warrior. We’ll give an overview a list of necessary conditions and a plan of attack in this chapter to deal with this problem.

A difficult activity, The Empire Hunt – The Warrior pits you against strong adversaries and intimidating bosses. Your entry to Cloudstrike is contingent upon completing this task successfully.


Make sure your Guardian satisfies the requirements before you set sail on The Warrior. This can entail achieving a particular power level and finishing particular quests or objectives.


A well-thought-out plan is necessary to defeat The Warrior. For best efficacy arm yourself with tools and subclasses that fit your playstyle and work with your fire team. Test different load-outs and strategies to see which ones perform best for your team.

Adept and Master Nightfall: The Ordeal

We’ll discuss the value of Adept and Master Nightfall: The Ordeal activities in getting Cloudstrike in this chapter. We’ll also go over the prerequisites and successful tactics.

Adept and Master Nightfall: There is another way to obtain Cloudstrike through the Ordeal activities. Guardians have the opportunity to put their mettle to the test during these difficult Nightfall strikes and reap the benefits.


Make sure your Guardian has the necessary power level and that you meet any other prerequisites before attempting these actions. Adept and Master Nightfalls are not for the weak of heart, so be prepared for a challenging battle.


Working together, communicating, and coming up with well-thought-out plans are essential for success in Adept and Master Nightfall: The Ordeal events. We’ll offer advice and strategies to make it through the difficulties and succeed.

The Reward

The moment every Guardian yearns for—obtaining Cloudstrike. In this chapter, we’ll describe the exhilaration of finally claiming this exotic weapon.

Getting Cloudstrike

You will receive Cloudstrike as a reward for finishing The Empire Hunt – The Warrior or Adept and Master Nightfall: The Ordeal successfully. Your accomplishment in acquiring this potent weapon is evidence of your abilities as a Guardian.

How to farm Cloudstrike fast

How to farm Cloudstrike fast?

If you’re eager to farm Cloudstrike as quickly as possible, consider these tips:

  1. Efficient Loadout: Use a loadout optimized for damage output and survivability. This can include high-damage weapons, supportive abilities, and mods that complement your playstyle.
  2. Fireteam: Playing with a coordinated fireteam can expedite the process and make challenging activities like Nightfall: The Ordeal more manageable.
  3. Repeat Activities: Focus on Empire Hunts and Nightfall: The Ordeal at Legend or Master difficulty. These activities have higher drop rates increasing your chances of obtaining Cloudstrike.
  4. Weekly Resets: Don’t forget to take advantage of weekly resets, as they can reset your chances of obtaining Cloudstrike giving you more opportunities to secure the weapon.


In conclusion, the quest to acquire Cloudstrike in Destiny 2 in 2023 is both difficult and worthwhile. We have discussed the essential tactics and techniques to assist you in obtaining this desirable exotic sniper gun.

Because of its special benefits and adaptability, Cloudstrike is a crucial tool for Guardians in both PvE and PvP situations.

Don’t be afraid to start this journey, and may the Cloudstrike lightning guide your shots and enliven your Destiny 2 experience. The sky are yours to rule, so join the ranks of Guardians who have mastered its power.